It is important that the appropriate UMass Dartmouth logos are used when producing web sites and print publications. It is also important not to stretch the logo disproportionately when placing it into a document.

There are three main variations for the UMass Dartmouth logo: 2-color (for coated and uncoated paper), 4-color, and black. These three formats are saved in three ways: EPS, PDF, and PNG (equivalent to a JPG).

The university colors are blue and gold: the gold is represented by PMS 1235 on coated paper and PMS 121 on uncoated paper. The blue is represented by PMS 288 on any paper. The 4-color breakouts are as follows: gold is represented by 0C, 29M, 91Y, 0K; the blue is represented by 100C, 67M, 0Y, 23K. For the web, the blue is represented by #0A2972 and the gold is represented by #FFD478. If you are sending the logo out to be printed commercially, you should consider whether the printed piece will have only the university colors of blue and gold (2-color) or whether it will be a full color piece (4-color). If you have questions about colors or what logo to use, or need a logo other than what you find here, contact Rachel Cocroft at x8822 or Michael Mahoney at x8013.

If you are sending a logo to a service provider for silkscreening onto cloth or an object such as a pen, you will usually be asked for an EPS file.

The appropriate logos can be downloaded from the links below. Paste or insert them into your file

Tips for PC and MS Word users: [Download tips (PDF)]

  • click on the PNG file you want from the list below and it will appear in your web browser window
  • right click on the image to get a dialog box and choose "save picture as"
  • in that same dialog box on the lefthand side you will have the option of saving the logo to your desktop or to a folder of your choice.

To insert a logo into a MS Word doc:

  • choose "insert" in the top menu bar, choose "picture"
  • from the drop down menu, choose "from file"click on either your desktop or the folder where you have saved the logo.

To resize the logo:

  • always hold down shift key while dragging the image box diagonally from any corner.

Do not stretch the logo to fit your space. If you need a larger logo, contact the Publications Office.

for MS Word and web

2C-uncoated-logo.PNG for MS Word and web

4C-logo.PNG for MS Word and web

Black-logo.PNG for MS Word and web