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Public Safety Videos

The Department of Public Safety is proud to offer 360-Stay-Safe videos to the entire UMD Community. 

"Stay Safe at College" – the right advice delivered the right way.

A recent survey by the National Center for Victims of Crime found that 25 percent of all female college students surveyed were victims of rape or attempted rape. The Federal Trade Commission predicts that one in four Americans will be a victim of identity theft by 2010. And that’s only the beginning.

The “Stay Safe at College” video is an important step toward helping students take responsibility for their own personal safety and security.

“Stay Safe At College” – Improving campus security and safety for everyone.

In October 2008, 360° Stay Safe launched its “Stay Safe at College” DVD for college and university campuses. This engaging video program covers a wide variety of lifelong safety issues and provides a one-stop source for understanding how crimes are perpetrated, coupled with crime prevention and avoidance techniques. "Stay Safe at College" is the newest and most compelling line of digital content geared towards today's generation of students.