SLAM Program

SLAM Program

Students Learning a Message, or SLAM, is aimed at students who are at risk of losing their on-campus housing privileges due to violations of university policies or state law. The SLAM program gives students a first-hand glimpse of the harsh reality of life in prison.

Accompanied by a UMass Police Officer and members of the Bristol County Sheriff's Office, students pass through metal detectors and other security systems for a tour of the Bristol County House of Correction. Once inside, students learn about the rules, regulations and inmate living conditions. The tour ends with a frank presentation from inmates about poor decision-making, drug and alcohol addiction, violence, etc. Each program includes approximately 10 UMass Dartmouth students.


The following comments from students who attended a SLAM program illustrate its impact:

"It was an informative program and stressed good judgment and that it only takes one mistake to end up where the inmates currently are."

"The most impacting part about this program was how long a record will follow you, no matter what offense it's for. This was an eye opening experience. It really showed me what could happen if I continue to make bad decisions."

"Speaking with the inmates was very effective. It was nice to experience their point of view, because I never stepped foot in a prison before. It really was an interesting experience."