Course Registration

Fall 2017 Registration


When you can register is determined by your enrollment appointment. Enrollment appointments are specifics days designated for graduate, undergraduate and university extension students. Your enrollment appointment opens at 7:30am.  You can view your enrollment appointment in COIN.


Date                      Group

April 3                   Graduate students; Undergraduate students with

                              100+ earned credits; University Extension students

April 4                   85-99.9 earned credits

April 5                   Early Registration Groups: Resident Assistants,

                              Honors, Athletes, Veterans,

April 6                   70-84.9 earned credits

April 7                   55-69.9 earned credits

April 10                 40-54.9 earned credits

April 11                 25-39.9 earned credits

April 12                 15-24.9 earned credits

April 13                 0-14.9 earned credits

April 14                 Open Enrollment


Note: All registrations will be done via enrollment appointments obtained from your COIN account.