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 Research Centers

Research is at the heart of UMass Dartmouth's academic mission. Distinctive research centers provide opportunities for UMass Dartmouth faculty and students to collaborate across academic programs and with businesses as well as state and national agencies. These research centers are:

  • finding solutions for contemporary challenges
  • committed to fueling long-term economic growth

Advanced Technology & Manufacturing Center

This business incubator facility in Fall River enables entrepreneurs and businesses to conduct research, develop advanced technologies, and operationalize manufacturing opportunities in collaboration with UMass Dartmouth faculty and students.

Business Innovation Research Center (BIRC)

Charlton College of Business faculty conduct research and disseminate knowledge about emerging business practices such as e-business and supply chains.

Center for Marketing Research

Faculty-supervised graduate and undergraduate students work with regional businesses to conduct marketing research, training, and consulting.

Center for Molecular Diagnostics

This is a multidisciplinary research, educational, and service center that provides technical assistance and information acquired through research to government, clinical, and educational agencies.

Center for Policy Analysis

The Center provides research and technical analysis in economic development, public management, and program evaluation for agencies, organizations, businesses, and educational institutions.

Center for Portuguese Studies and Culture

The Center is dedicated to the study of the language, literatures, and cultures of the Portuguese-speaking world.

Center for Rehabilitation Engineering

UMass Dartmouth engineering students, working with faculty, gain experience in adapting computer systems for persons with disabilities.

Center for Scientific Computing & Visualization Research

Research faculty investigate contemporary problems spanning algorithms, modeling, and prototyping in the fields of engineering, physics, and mathematics—while mentoring students with interests in scientific computing.

Cranberry Health Research Center

The Center provides scientific evidence for the cranberry's role in health and nutrition. It includes researchers from the UMass system, other academic institutions, hospitals, and private laboratories throughout the U.S. and Canada.

Highway Sustainability Research Center

The Center assists agencies and industry in designing and evaluating asphalt pavements mixtures that result in better-performing roads.

Kaput Center for Research and Innovation in STEM Education

The Kaput Center is an interdisciplinary research unit dedicated to research and development in the STEM fields of science, technology, engineering, and mathematics education.

Ora M. DeJesus Gerontology Center

Center faculty conduct research to advance knowledge about the aging process and the effects of an aging population on society.