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2011 Awardees for Internal Grants

2011 Awardees for Internal Grants

Thank you to the members of the Faculty Senate Research Committee, chaired by Shannon Jenkins, who reviewed and provided comments on 32 Public Service and Research submissions.  Their attention and commitment during this busy time of year is most appreciated.   The Committee's recommendations are reviewed by the Provost who makes the final award decision.

Twenty-three proposals were received for the Chancellor's Research Fund and Joseph P. Healey Endowment requesting $187,000.

The following nine awards, totaling $70,300 were made to:

The Chancellors Research Fund and Healey Endowment Grant:

Robert Drew, Assistant Professor, Biology
Kathy Kavanagh, Assistant Professor, Biology
"Analysis of divergence between two wild populations of the false clownfish, Amphipron"

Matthew Ingram, Assistant Professor, Political Science
"Network Justice: A Mixed Methods Analysis of Justice Reform Networks in Mexico and Brazil"

Mark Silby, Assistant Professor, Biology
"Breaking the lines of bacterial communication: Inhibition of quorum sensing"

Anja Soldan, Assistant Professor, Psychology
"Neural mechanisms of cognitive reserve: Maintaining healthy brains in old age"

Yanlai Chen, Assistant Professor, Mathematics
"A fast and reliable simulator for electromagnetic scattering problems with uncertainty"

Mehdi Raessi, Assistant Professor, Mechanical Engineering
"Performing fast numerical simulations of interfacial flows using GPUs-Applications in energy systems and material processing"

Honggang Wang, Assistant Professor, Electrical & Computer Engineering
"A Biometric-based Security System for Healthcare Monitoring in Wireless Body Area Networks (WBAN)"

Mazdak Tootkaboni, Assistant Professor, Civil & Environmental Engineering
Nima Rahbar
, Assistant Professor, Civil & Environmental Engineering
"Mechanics of Bamboo: A functionally graded natural fiber composite for sustainable design"

Timothy Walker, Associate Professor, History
"Monograph Translation Project (English to Portuguese)"


The Chancellor's Public Service Fund and UMass Public Service Endowment Grants

Nine proposals were received for the Chancellor's Public Service Fund and the UMass Public Service Endowment requesting $72,000. 

The following four awards, totaling $29,700, were made to:

Robert Darst, Associate Professor, Political Science
Tara Rajaniemi
, Assistant Professor, Biology
"Guide to the Woody Plants of Our Living Classroom"

Bal Rahm Singh, Director, Center for Indic Studies
"Yoga & Ayurveda Workshop for the Public and High School Students at UMass Dartmouth"

John Fobanjong, Professor, Political Science
"UMass Dartmouth Intercession Service Learning & Educational Outreach Program in Haiti"

Angappa Gunasekaran, Professor, Decision & Information Science
"Service Learning: An Opportunity to Support the SouthCoast Immigrant Children with their Communication Skills and Legal Awareness"


Cranberry Research Grant Program

Eight proposals were received for the UMass Dartmouth Cranberry Research Grant Program. 

The following four awards, totaling $103,000 were made to:

Catherine Neto, Associate Professor, Chemistry & Biochemistry 
Maolin Guo,
Professor, Chemistry & Biochemistry
"A possible role for cranberry constitutents in treatment of type-2 diabetes"

Catherine Neto, Associate Professor, Chemistry & Biochemistry
"Investigation of cranberry phytochemistry and antifungal metabolites among cultivars using NMR-based metabolic profiling and Mass Spectrometry analysis"

Sivappa Rasapalli, Assistant Professor, Chemistry & Biochemistry
Exploration of untapped alkaloid content of cranberry pomace for screening antibacterial and anti cancer activities and lead optimization through semi-synthesis

Elizabeth Winiarz, Librarian, Library
"Libraries and Cranberries 2011-12"


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