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2012 Awardees for Internal Grants

2012 Awardees for Internal Grants


Thank you to the members of the Faculty Senate Research Committee, chaired by Elizabeth Richardson, who reviewed and provided comments on 37 Public Service and Research submissions.Their attention and commitment during this busy time of year is most appreciated.The Committee's recommendations are reviewed by the Provost who makes the final award decision.

Twenty-nine proposals were received for the Chancellor's Research Fund and Joseph P. Healey Endowment requesting $ 235,850.00.

The following nine awards, totaling $ 69,341.00 were made to:

The Chancellors Research Fund and Healey Endowment Grant:

Brian Ayotte, Assistant Professor, Psychology
"A Pilot Test of Web-based Physical Activity Intervention Using Facebook"

Sankha Bhowmick, Associate Professor, Mechanical Engineering
"New generation functionalized nanofribrous scaffolds for controlled celluar growth for tissue engineering"

James Bisagni, Professor, Estuarine & Ocean Sciences
"Real-Time Satellite Derived Sea Surface Temperature Data Processing & Training"

Mahzad Hojjat, Associate Professor, Psychology
"Resilience and Satisfaction in Married Couples"

Memory Holloway, Professor, Art History
"Under the Thumb: Portuguese Film Under Salazar"

Robin Locke-Arkerson, Assistant Professor, Psychology
R. Thomas Boone, Associate Professor, Psychology
"Emergence of Emotion Recognition Ability in Children with Autism"

David Manke, Assistant Professor, Chemistry & Biochemistry
"Capture of Carbon Dioxide with Lewis Base Derivatized Metal-Organic Frameworks"

Timothy Walker, Associate Professor, History
"Global Medical Exchanges in the Portuguese Colonial World: The Dissemination of Indigenous.
 Plant Remedies and Healing Knowledge, c.1500-1800"

Xiaoqin Shelley Zhang, Assistant Professor, Computer Information Science
Kristen Sethares, Associate Professor, Adult and Child Nursing
"iHANDs: Intelligent Health Advising aNd Decision-support System Prototype"


The Chancellor's Public Service Fund and UMass Public Service Endowment Grants

Nine proposals were received for the Chancellor's Public Service Fund and the UMass Public Service Endowment requesting $ 68,948.00.

The following four awards, totaling $30,659.00, were made to:

Clyde Barrow, Chancellor Professor, Public Policy
"SouthCoast Urban Indictors Project"

Kathryn Kavanagh, Assistant Professor, Biology
"Creating a Traveling Kit for the School Outreach Program:"Bones:
 Your Inner Animal" for Elementary School, in SE MASS"

Morgan James Peters, Associate Professor, English
"Wetu in the City"

Steven White, Professor, Management & Marketing
Susan Jennings
, Director, Office of Campus & Community Sustainability
"Adaptive Economy Lifelines for the Underserved"

Cranberry Research Grant Program

Ten proposals were received for the UMass Dartmouth Cranberry Research Fund, requesting $235,642.00.
The following six awards totaling $ 100,250.00 were made to:

Tracie Ferreira, Assistant Professor, Bioengineering
Catherine Neto, Associate Professor, Chemistry & Biochemistry
Anne Liberty, Full Time Lecturer, Chemistry & Biochemistry
"In vivo validation of anti-cancer effects of cranberry extracts"

Maolin Guo, Professor, Chemistry & Biochemistry
Catherine Neto, Associate Professor, Chemistry & Biochemistry
"Possible role of cranberry constituents in cardiovascular health: vascular NADPH oxidase and
xanthine oxidase inhibitation and alleviating oxidative stress"

Catherine Neto, Associate Professor, Chemistry & Biochemistry
Terri Anne Camasano, Professor, Chemical Engineering, Worcester Polytechnic Institut
"Anti-biofilm Efficacy of Cranberry Against Drug-Resistant E. coli"

Catherine Neto, Associate Professor, Chemistry & Biochemistry
Hang Xiao, Assistant Provessor, Food Science, UMass Amherst
'Colon Cancer Inhibition by Cranberry Fractions"

Sivappa Rasapalli, Assistant Professor, Chemistry & Biochemistry
Catherine Neto, Associate Professor, Chemistry & Biochemistry
"Optimization and synthetic modification of cranberry flavonoids to screen for telomerase
 and spliceosome targeting anti-cancer Mechanisms"

Liz Winiarz, Librarian, Library
"Libraries and Cranberries 2012-13"



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