Conference Presentations

SMAST Contributions to ICES 2012 Science Conference

Names of SMAST authors are in bold

Session C: Bycatch and discards: from improved knowledge to mitigation programmes

Conveners: Tom Catchpole (UK), Steve Cadrin (USA), and Marie-Joëlle Rochet (France)

  (Photo by Doug Zemekis)


ICES CM 2012/C:03
Estimating discard mortality of flatfish using reflex impairment predictors
Adam Barkley and Steve Cadrin

ICES CM 2012/C:17
Bycatch and discards: from improved knowledge to mitigation programmes.  Evaluating success of bycatch mitigation measures
Catherine E. O’Keefe, Steven X. Cadrin, and Kevin D. E. Stokesbury

ICES CM 2012/C:20 (Poster)
Can groundgear modifications minimize bycatch of flatfish in the New England trawl fishery?
Sally Roman, Steve Cadrin, and Pingguo He

ICES CM 2012/C:21 (Poster)
Quantifying and reducing river herring bycatch in the US northwest pelagic trawl fisheries
N. David Bethoney, Bradley Schondelmeier, Kevin Stokesbury, and William Hoffman

ICES CM 2012/C:33
Gear Solutions to Minimize Discards in the Gulf of Maine Shrimp Trawls: A Decade of Research to Reduce Finfish Bycatch and Small Shrimps
Pingguo He

Session E: Bridging the distance – Understanding habitat (and life stage) connectivity

Conveners: Marc Hufnagl (Germany), Geneviève Lacroix (Belgium), and Filip Volckaert (Belgium)

ICES CM 2012/E:20 (Poster)
Effect and effectiveness of Marine Protected Areas on the spatial and temporal distribution of yellowtail flounder (Limanda ferrugineus) on Georges Bank
Judith Rosellon Druker and Saang-Yoon Hyun

Session F: Consequences of improved survey performance on assessments and management advice?  Do innovations in survey and sampling design, and technology make any difference?

Conveners: Olav Rune Godø (Norway), William Karp (USA), and Nicolas Bez (France)

ICES CM 2012/F:03
Forming collaborative partnerships to improve fisheries research surveys
Greg DeCelles, Sally Roman, Adam Barkley, and Steve Cadrin

Session H: Advances in the traceability of fish and fish products: from species to populations

Conveners: Gary R. Carvalho (UK), Einar Eg Nielsen (DK), and Jann Th. Martinsohn (IT)

ICES CM 2012/H:16 (Poster)
Consistency between management units and genetic structure in saithe (Pollachius virens)? Application of modern genetic tools to an exploited species in the North Atlantic
Atal Saha, Tina Graceline Kirubakaran, Matthew Kent, Sigbjørn Lien, Jon Ivar Westgaard, Svein Erik Fevolden, Lorenz Hauser, Halvor Knutsen, Steve Cadrin, and Torild Johansen

Session L: Evolution of management frameworks to prevent overfishing

Conveners: Michael Sissenwine (USA), Pamela Mace (New Zealand), and Hans Lassen (Denmark)

ICES CM 2012/L:15
Evolution of management to prevent overfishing in New England
Brian J. Rothschild, Emily Keiley, and Yue Jiao

ICES CM 2012/L:23
Unintended consequences of MSY proxies for defining overfishing
Steven X. Cadrin

ICES CM 2012/L:25
Reconsidering historical definitions of overfishing and the balance between sustainable use and overexploitation
Daniel R. Goethel, Steven X. Cadrin, and Brian J. Rothschild

Session N: Examining the implications of complex population structure on fish resources, fisheries, assessment and management

Conveners: Lisa Kerr (USA), Niels Hintzen (The Netherlands), and Jake Kritzer (USA)

ICES CM 2012/N:01
Fidelity within and connectivity among subpopulations of Atlantic cod
Douglas Zemeckis, William Hoffman, Micah Dean, Michael P. Armstrong, David Martins, and Steven X. Cadrin

ICES CM 2012/N:03
Incorporating spatial population structure in stock assessment models of marine species
Daniel R. Goethel, Lisa A. Kerr, and Steven X. Cadrin

ICES CM 2012/N:13
Evaluating population effects and management implications of mixing between eastern and western Atlantic bluefin tuna stocks
Lisa A. Kerr, Steven X. Cadrin, and David H. Secor

ICES CM 2012/N:16
Insight on the consequences of metapopulation structure in herring from a spatially explicit simulation model of Atlantic herring, Clupea harengus
Clémentine Harma, Lisa Kerr, Steve Cadrin, Maurice Clarke, and Deirdre Brophy