Student Profiles

Jennifer Berlinghoff is interested in coastal wetland change, especially in the dynamic environment of southern Louisiana. She gained experience with vegetation transects and shoreline survey data collection and analysis while working in the salt marsh and mangrove habitats of the Mississippi River Delta Plain in the years following the Mississippi Canyon Block 252 (MC252) oil spill.

Jennifer received a B.S. in Environmental Science from the University at Buffalo. Since 2009, she has worked for Applied Coastal Research and Engineering (Cape Cod, MA), as an environmental scientist/coastal geographic information systems analyst. A majority of Jen's work has been related to wetland change and sediment transport in the Gulf of Mexico. She is currently working towards a Professional Science Master's Degree in Coastal Administration, Science, and Technology.

Gillian Lake has a Bachelor of Science degree in Biology and recently completed a graduate certification in environmental policy here at UMass Dartmouth. Her analytical experience includes method development, raw material analysis, fluid analysis and coated product analysis. At Polaroid Corporation she helped implement and managed two analytical laboratories. Gillian's academic interests include point source pollution, fisheries and estuaries.

Jasmine Smith-Gillen graduated with a Bachelor's in Marine Biology from Boston University in 2003. Since then, she has worked at non-profit organizations as an environmental educator. She teaches elementary-aged children science concepts during field trips and in classroom programs. She also writes grants, develops new curricula, and maintains saltwater aquaria at her work's Visitor Center. Ms. Smith-Gillen is a part-time PSM student. Her interests include the local gray seal population and the ecological impacts of offshore wind facilities.