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 Appellate Student Conduct Officer

XI. Appellate Student Conduct Officer

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University Appeals Officer (UAO)

The University Appeals Officer is the Associate Vice Chancellor for Student Affairs or his/her designee.  


Appellate Officers shall have jurisdiction in the following areas:

  • Appeal of conduct-related judgments of a lower student conduct entity involving sanctions
  • Appeal of cases involving the violation or interpretation of the Student Government Constitution or the policies or actions of the Student Senate or Residence Hall Council. The University Appeals Officer shall judge the constitutionality of any action taken by the above-named organizations, their executive agencies, or by members thereof.
  • Appeal of cases involving constitutional conflict within any campus organization, or between major governing groups, or between campus organizations and governing groups.
  • Appeal of cases involving the constitutionality of any action taken by a student organization or governing group.

Procedural Compliance  

Any student conduct entity at the hearing level found by the University Appeals Officer to be consistently violating the provisions of this document may be subject to review of its student conduct authority and/or assumption of its jurisdiction by a request of the University Appeals Officer.