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 Filing a Complaint

II. Filing a Complaint

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Anyone associated with the University (student, employee, or community member) may file a complaint or report alleging an infraction of the Code of Student Conduct, Residence Hall regulations, laws, or such other regulations as may exist or be established, except parking and traffic regulations, within 1 year of the incident. All complaints or reported incidents of student misconduct (except for complaints involving sexual misconduct) will be referred to the Department of Public Safety, the Office of Housing and Residential Life, or the Department of Student Conduct and Dispute Resolution for documentation purposes. Complaints of violations of sexual misconduct should be reported to the Office of Student Affairs or the Office of Diversity, Equity and Inclusion. The Office of Student Conduct and Dispute Resolution may, at its discretion, conduct an investigation of each complaint or incident report. Upon completion of any investigation, the Office of SC&DR may dismiss the complaint or may refer the matter to the campus student conduct entity having jurisdiction. The Office of SC&DR may, at its discretion, immediately refer a complaint or incident report to another approved campus entity having jurisdiction. When the Office of SC&DR refers a potential violation of the Student Code of Conduct to another appropriate entity, that entity may not contradict the procedures set forth in this document. Reports of potential violations of the Code of Conduct may be filed by completing a statement form at the Department of Public Safety or the Office of Housing and Residential Education. Statements completed with Public Safety or OHE will be forwarded to the Coordinator for Student Conduct and Dispute Resolution for review. Reports of alleged violations may also be reported using an online form found on the Student Conduct and Dispute Resolution website or at myUMassD in the Campus Tools section. Faculty members are encouraged to submit report all academic related code of conduct violations via the online form found at myUMassD in the Campus Tools Section. Once completed, the form will be sent to the Student Conduct Office. Note: Those filing a report for a violation serve as the presenting party for the incident. Accused students have the right to view and receive a copy of any reports filed. The Office of Student Conduct and Dispute Resolution will obtain permission to use the name of the individual filing the report and complaint in the process prior to moving forward with the complaint. If the person filing the complaint does not wish to have their name and report disclosed, the presenting party thus removes themselves from the process. In a case where there is no one else to serve as the presenting party, the matter will not be processed. If there is evidence, however, that harm or distress may be brought upon the reporting party if their name is disclosed, the Office of Student Conduct and Dispute Resolution will proceed with the complaint without utilization of the report party’s name or statement.