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 Notification of Charges of Alleged Violation

IV. Notification of Charges of Alleged Violation

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The accused student shall be notified, via email to the student’s UMass Dartmouth email address, in the form of an Pre-Hearing Conference Notification or Hearing Notification that he/she is alleged to have violated a University Code of Conduct regulation(s). This notice will be sent by a Pre-Hearing Facilitator or by the Office of Student Conduct and Dispute Resolution, usually by a Resident Director, the Coordinator of Residential Community Standards or the Coordinator for Student Conduct and Dispute Resolution, generally within 72 hours of the incident or complaint. The notification shall include a requirement that the student attend a prehearing conference, to be held no sooner than three (3) consecutive academic days following date of the original notice, unless he/she requests it to be at an earlier date, or in the case that an Interim Suspension from the University or Residence Halls has occurred. The prehearing conference generally occurs within two weeks of the incident.