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 Post-Hearing Procedural Guidelines

VII. Post-Hearing Procedural Guidelines

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Student Conduct Records

If a student conduct entity has evidence that any party to a student conduct proceeding has offered false testimony, it shall refer the matter to the Office of Student Affairs for investigation. Charges of student misconduct may be brought against the party if appropriate. Rulings of a student conduct entity in conduct-related matters shall be enforced by the Office of Student Affairs. Academic matters shall be enforced by an appropriate academic administrator and/or the Office of Student Affairs. An accused student who is found responsible by a student conduct entity, and who is assessed a sanction, and who refuses to comply with the ruling of the hearing officer or board may be found in violation of the Student Code of Conduct and is subject to an additional charge of Failure to Comply with Student Conduct Sanctions. Suspension from the University with right of appeal may be a result of this violation. 

Student Conduct Records

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The Office of Student Affairs shall maintain the following records pertaining to each disciplinary case:

  • The original complaint. All documents, correspondence, forms, statements, etc., pertaining to the
  • matter.  
  • A record of the decision including any finding, sanction, and any action
  • recommended or taken.

All case records and materials pertaining to a student conduct proceeding shall be kept secure away from public view. Except where confidentiality is further restricted by law, access to such case records or materials shall be limited to the student conduct entity hearing the original or appellate case, the accused student, and Administrative Officers of the University having direct involvement with the case. Access to student conduct case records by anyone other than those expressly named shall be by written authorization of the student in whose name the file is kept. Case records shall be destroyed 7 (seven) years after the date of the last incident which the student was found responsible for, but not before the student graduates from the University. In cases involving University Dismissal or permanent University Trespass the notice will become a permanent record.