What to do when Health Services is closed


If you are a residence hall student, first check with your Resident Assistant (RA). If you need immediate attention, your RA will call the Campus Police. The Campus Police will call an ambulance to evaluate and/or transport you to St. Luke's Hospital, located in New Bedford, MA.

Don't call an ambulance yourself. Campus police need to meet the ambulance at the entrance to direct the driver to the right location. To call campus police from your cell phone: 508.999.9191. From an on-campus phone: 9191.

If you live off-campus, your local resources are St. Luke's Hospital in New Bedford, and Charlton Memorial Hospital and St. Anne's Hospital in Fall River.


If your problem does not require immediate attention:

  • Please come to Health Services the next day.
  • Contact our nurse practitioner on-call. Call our answering service at 508.999.8982, and our nurse practitioner on-call will get back to you. This service is in effect from the first day of classes through the last day of exams, fall and spring semesters—when Health Services is closed.

You may also want to consult an off-campus non-emergency resource. Call to confirm hours of operation.

New Bedford Medical Associates Walk-In
368 Faunce Corner Road, N Dartmouth, MA
Hours: Monday through Friday 8am–7pm; Saturday 8am–2pm

Hawthorn Medical Walk-In
531 Faunce Corner Road N Dartmouth, MA
Hours: Monday through Friday 8am–8pm; Saturday/Sunday 8am–4pm

Greater New Bedford Community Health Center Urgent Care
874 Purchase Street, New Bedford, MA
Hours: Monday through Thursday 7:30am–6pm; Friday 8:30am–5pm; Saturday 9am–5pm

Dartmouth Medical Center
29 Faunce Corner Road, N Dartmouth, MA
Hours: Monday through Friday 7:45am–4:30pm