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Parent Perspective

Welcome to UMass Dartmouth!

The Parent Perspective is a parent’s companion to the Student Health 101 newsletter that your son or daughter will receive each month. Each issue of The Parent Perspective is a quick-to-read summary of that month’s student newsletter. Its goal is to provide the information you need when navigating some of the sometimes difficult discussions that may arise as your student grows during his or her college career.

Please note that your son or daughter is required to read the summer issue of Student Health 101 and complete a Wellness Survey, included within the issue, prior to arriving on campus in September.

We hope youtake the time to read The Parent Perspective and the student edition of Student Health 101 and enjoy its interactive features, including video clips from students, animation, and reader feedback.

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Don’t miss an issue! Click on the link within The Parent Perspective to register your email address to receive The Parent Perspective and Student Health 101 each month.





Click here to access The Parent Perspective.






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