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Student Health 101 & the Wellness Survey

Student Health 101 2014As part of Orientation, you are required to:

  • read the summer issue of Student Health 101: Your Guide Through College
  • complete the Wellness Survey within the issue

Student Health 101 is our online health and wellness magazine. In each issue, you'll find out how students are eating well, staying active, and managing stress, academics, relationships, and more.

Complete the Wellness Survey before Fall Orientation...and you'll be entered into a contest to win $1,000!

Find links to the Wellness Survey within Student Health 101: Your Guide Through College. It takes about 15 minutes to complete. When asked for email address: use your UMassD email address.

Your answers are anonymous. The information you provide will be shared—in summarized format from all student responses on campus—with school personnel to help us provide resources for student health and wellness. No one will be able to associate your responses with you personally.

Access Student Health 101 and the Wellness Survey