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Janet M. Lusk

Janet Lusk Ph.D. Nursing 2012

First recipient of the College of Nursing Ph.D.

Degree: Ph.D. Nursing

Hometown: Reading, MA

"My professors and classmates have challenged my beliefs, enhanced my vision of nursing, and stimulated a new sense of leadership."
What have you learned that's made a difference to you?

The education that I have received over the past four years has greatly impacted my thinking about nursing as a profession. I feel confident that as nursing continues to evolve in this complex healthcare climate, I'm prepared to emphasize necessary concepts and measure important outcomes.

What makes UMass Dartmouth special?

At the heart of UMass Dartmouth are the people who work here. From the library, to the administration offices, to the nursing department, everyone is willing to share their professional expertise. Many people contribute to the success of students.

Who would you like to thank?

I would like to thank my three beautiful children, my fiancé, family, and friends for their love and encouragement. In addition to those closest to me, I would like to thank the faculty, staff, and students at Lawrence Memorial/Regis College for their unwavering support.


My professors and classmates at UMass Dartmouth have challenged my beliefs, enhanced my vision of nursing, and stimulated a new sense of leadership. I extend a sincere thank you to each one who has touched my life and career.


I also wish to recognize the wonderful mentorship of my dissertation chair, Dr. Kerry Fater, and my committee, Dr. Gail Russell and Dean James Fain. Their guidance and insight have been instrumental to my success.