Stacy M. Norrell

Stacy M. Norrell

Degree: Juris Doctorate

Hometown: Brockton, MA

"The experiences gained and the friendships made are truly invaluable."
What has been your greatest challenge?

The greatest challenge throughout my legal education has been trying to find the perfect balance of all life's facets. Finding the right amount of time to study, to work, to spend with family and friends, and time for myself was difficult. At times it seemed overwhelming and there were just not enough hours in a day.


However, I soon realized there was no perfect formula or equation to life; I had to take each day one day at a time and focus on the task at hand. Prioritizing and time management is now a way of life for me and are essential skills which will help me throughout all my future endeavors.

What have you learned that's made a difference to you?

I've learned many things throughout my legal education. However, beyond the textbooks and the flash cards, I learned that there are so many good people in our community who sincerely want to help law students succeed. I believe the professors and all the faculty genuinely care about the students and our future. I have had amazing internship opportunities and made friendships to last a lifetime.


This feeling of camaraderie has kept me motivated and has truly inspired me to continue the positive outreach in the community throughout my legal career. With so much negativity in the world, it is a refreshing confirmation that there are many sincere, positive people who are eager to help others succeed.

What's one thing at UMass Dartmouth that no student should miss?

No student should miss out on practical experience opportunities. Participation in an internship or clinic will provide exposure to so many things that you could never learn from a textbook. The experiences gained and the friendships made are truly invaluable.


All students should be sure to utilize the Career Services resources as they are a gateway to the community and will provide numerous opportunities now and for the future.