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2013 Commencement Spotlights


Lauren Underwood  

Adventures at home & abroad

Lauren Underwood

Major:  Civil Engineering

Next step: Engineer, Environmental Partners Group, Quincy MA

Dane Charles  

Turning dreams into reality

Dane Francis Charles

Major:  Multidisciplinary Studies/Environmental Studies

Next step: Master's in Health Administration, Suffolk University

Marissa Komack  

Law School trailblazer

Marissa A. Komack

Degree:  Juris Doctor

Next step: Practicing law in western Massachusetts

Amber Eusebio  

Growth through life lessons

Amber Eusebio

Major:  Accounting

Kristina Baptista    

Making a difference in the community

Kristina Baptista

Major:  Accounting

Minor:  International Business

Suoqing Ji

Dedicated to research

Suoqing Ji

Degree:  M.S. Physics

Next step: Paxton Fellowship in theoretical astrophysics, PhD program, UC Santa Barbara

Mónica Díaz  

A mentor helping others grow

Mónica Díaz

Major:  Mechanical Engineering

Next step: Mechanical Engineer, Kling Stubbins, a Jacobs Engineering company, Cambridge, MA

Matthew Langevin  

Fortitude, resilience, gratitude

Matthew Kenneth Langevin

Major:  Operations Management

Next step: Considering several job offers, planning to pursue an MBA in 2014

Allison Latina  

Gaining real world experience

Allison K. Latina

Major:  Graphic Design

Minor:  Art History

Venoal Fountain  

Balancing law school & life 

Venoal M. Fountain, Jr. 

Degree:  Juris Doctor

Janine Price  

Initiative and perseverance

Janine Price

Major:  Nursing

Irene DePina  

Moving forward with confidence

Irene Depina

Major:  Crime and Justice Studies

Next step: Master's in Criminal Justice Leadership, St. John's University, Queens, NY

Matthew Dean  

Artistic journey

Matthew A. Dean

Major:  Illustration

Elizabeth Lozano  

Learning leadership

Elizabeth B. Lozano

Major:  Psychology

Next step: Master's in experimental pyschology, UMass Dartmouth; graduate assistant at Center for Access and Success

Nancy Oliveira  

Optimizing graduate opportunities 

Nancy E. Oliveira

Degree:  M.A. Professional Writing

Next step: Technical writer, medical equipment industry, Mansfield, MA

Kevin Jumper  

Researching supernovae

Kevin Arthur Jumper

Major:  Physics

Minor:  Mathematics

Next step: PhD program in astronomy, University of Texas at Austin

Peter Jumper  

Joining the scientific community

Peter Harrison Jumper

Major:  Physics

Minor:  Mathematics

Next step: Connaught Fellowship, PhD program in astronomy and astrophysics, University of Toronto

Shakeila Grant  

Dreams & aspirations

Shakeila Skye Grant

Majors:  Sociology & Women's and Gender Studies

Next step: Masters degree in Public Health (MPH), Southern Connecticut State University 

Keith Bernardo  

Proud to be a Corsair

Keith Joseph Bernardo

Major:  Accounting

Minor:  International Business

Kelly Savary Powers  

Investing in higher education

Kelly Savary Powers

Major:  Sociology

Satyendra Polavarapu    

Memorable experiences

Satyendra Polavarapu

Major:  Finance

Minor:  Accounting