Elizabeth B. Lozano

Elizabeth Lozano

Major:  Psychology

Hometown: New Bedford, MA

"I'm proud to call myself a Corsair!"
What makes UMass Dartmouth special?

UMass Dartmouth has been my second home. It wasn't difficult to find my niche as soon as I stepped foot on campus—the faculty, students, and staff are incredibly welcoming.


I feel confident knowing that I received the best quality education and took every opportunity that came my way. I'll always remember the experiences I've had. I'm proud to call myself a Corsair!

Tell us about your leadership role with Psi Chi and how it's changed you.

For the past two years I have served as the Vice President of Psi Chi, the International Honor Society in Psychology. Our chapter has organized and participated in numerous events here at UMass Dartmouth and across southeastern Massachusetts.


Assuming such an important leadership role was not easy. With these responsibilities, however, came a great sense of fulfillment.

I think the biggest transformation has been my change in thought. I've learned there is more to life than scholastic achievement. Taking the time to pursue philanthropy efforts in the community is vital to one's success. 

What has been your greatest challenge?

Without a doubt, my biggest challenge has been my undergraduate honors thesis. A simple idea turned into such a complex, thought-provoking project!


There were many bumps along the way, but I am grateful for having such an opportunity to delve into a topic that stimulates my interest.


I learned a great deal, and the experience has reaffirmed my career goals. I'm now looking forward to continuing my line of research in graduate school.