Janine Price

Janine Price

Major:  Nursing

Hometown: Mattapoisett, MA

"I am so happy to say that I am graduating from the College of Nursing."
What has been your greatest challenge?

Getting through the Nursing program. I came into the program having only heard how difficult it was. Now I can say firsthand that yes, it is difficult. But wouldn’t you want the nurse taking care of you to have successfully pushed through the challenging lectures and clinicals?


There were a few times that I was a little unsure if this was the right choice for me. However, with the help of my advisor, other professors, and my experiences here, I am so happy to say that I am graduating from the College of Nursing.

What makes UMass Dartmouth special?

We were already a community—before recent events in Boston and here at UMass Dartmouth that included a campus evacuation. But now we have come together and become "UMD strong." That doesn’t happen just anywhere.


It was unfortunate that this happened, but it was amazing to see how our community reacted. Faculty and staff opened their houses to those in need of a bed. Students who were fortunate enough to already have a place to go invited other students to join them.


We were updated very frequently by the UMD Alert system, and kept safe by law enforcement. The situation on campus could have been worse, but because we are UMD strong, we continue to stand together.

Tell us about initiating something important to you.

UMass Dartmouth is open to new groups, clubs, and organizations on campus. When one of my hometown friends became very sick, we held a bone marrow drive. I quickly became involved with the Be The Match organization and the Rhode Island Blood Center.


Together, we've had six successful bone marrow drives on campus. We've had more than 250 people join the national bone marrow registration and have even had a few donate their bone marrow to help save lives!

What advice would you like to share with future students?

If you're interested in something that's not here, then bring it here! Your experience at UMD is all about what you make of it. So if you haven’t found that one organization out of the many already on campus, do not be afraid to bring your ideas to campus.

Who would you like to thank?

My parents, brother and family, for their continued support and for putting up with me for the last four years of strenuous madness.


My closest group of friends for helping me through this program. My family and friends have continued to motivate and inspire me to become this person I am. A lot has happened in these last four years, but these people have stood by me every second of it.


I would also like to thank the professors here. It was their expertise and skills that helped me graduate with honors!