Mónica Díaz

Mónica Díaz

Major:  Mechanical Engineering

Hometown: Puebla, Mexico

"...inch by inch, assignment by assignment, and test by test, you will get there!"
What has been your greatest challenge?

I am a self-supported student. One of my greatest challenges has been juggling academics, involvement with school activities, a full-time job, as well as a social life and maintaining a 3.5 GPA.

Tell us about your involvement with College Now and how it's impacted you.

I've always been involved with College Now.


I was not able to attend high school, so I made education my priority and home-schooled myself.


College Now accepted me into the university and gave me the opportunity to learn, without judging my educational background.


Because of this, I decided to give back and became a College Now algebra and calculus tutor and mentor. I get an absolute sense of fulfillment when seeing students grow and develop their skills through their College Now experiences and college-bound journeys.

What advice would you like to share with future students?

Take one day at a time. You'll most likely feel overwhelmed at times, but inch by inch, assignment by assignment, and test by test, you will get there!

Who would you like to thank?

I would like to thank many people, starting with Carol Spencer and Anne Boisvert at College Now. They've not only been mentors and role models but family and friends as well!


I'd also like to thank all the generous people who believed in me enough to give me a scholarship, without ever asking for anything in return! You have all made a great difference in my life!