Venoal M. Fountain, Jr.

Venoal Fountain

Degree:  Juris Doctor

Hometown: Shelton, CT

"The key to success is remaining focused on every task... "
Tell us about something you were involved with here, and how it's changed you.

One of my most enriching experiences was serving on the Law School Dean Search Committee. Participating in the selection process with the scholars on that team was a humbling experience that transcended the true spirit and commitment of this institution to public service. 

What has been your greatest challenge?

My greatest challenge was balancing the demands of law school with life in general. As a commuter student (from Connecticut), I had to plan in advance every week to ensure I was prepared for that week's classes. As a working night student, it was impossible to do homework on scheduled class days because of the distant commute.  

What advice would you like to share with future students?

Law school is very overwhelming. It is important to take one day at a time. The key to success is remaining focused on every task and prioritizing. Although this takes some organizational skill, I believe it's a key ingredient for the successful law student. Students should also get involved with peers via study groups, etc. Discussing and applying the law outside the classroom renders great benefits during exam time!

Who would you like to thank?

Too many to list! There are a number of people—students, faculty, and staff—who became my extended family from my very first day of law school, and to whom I remain connected. I credit those people and many others as a major influence in my success here at UMass Law.