Ananta Bhatia

Ananta Bhatia

Degree: MBA

Concentration: Human Resources

Hometown: Mumbai, India

"Charlton’s core courses provide a solid foundation for the corporate world."
How did you choose Charlton College of Business for your MBA?

I was a human resources professional in India, after having earned my MBA there. When I married my husband, I moved to Massachusetts, because he’s studying for his Ph.D. at UMass Lowell. I took a summer course in business at UMass Dartmouth, and then took my GMAT.


I decided that I liked Charlton’s approach to business education: the combination of core courses with a specialization. The general management courses, the “core”—accounting, finance, operations management, marketing—are rigorous, yes—but they provide a solid preparation for what the corporate world will be like.

What are your impressions of the Charlton MBA program?

I’m impressed that our professors aren’t only teaching us by the book. They also encourage us to participate in presentations and other practical experiences.


I’ve also found that Charlton’s MBA coordinator is always available to clear your doubts and solve your problems. Her proactive style and her immediate response through emails or through phone calls is amazing.

What are you learning from your MBA classmates?

I’m learning so much from my classmates—they’re so willing to interact and to help each other out.  You’re in America, so you are learning about how things are done in American corporations, but because of the diverse student body, you’re also gaining the business perspectives of other countries, as well.


I’ve met Charlton MBA students from Iran, China, Japan, Kenya, Mexico—and, of course, I’m from India! In one class, I met a student who was a fashion designer in Korea. His plan was to get his MBA and then use his skills to expand his business in Korea.


When we have presentations, we have the opportunity to learn how business is done in other countries, too. You can put all that together—because in a global economy you will need to know the business perspectives of all countries.


There is diversity of backgrounds and interests, too—not just nationalities. One classmate was interested in film—his plan was take his finance MBA to the film industry. Another MBA student has a background in the medical field and is combining her core business courses with a concentration in health management.

What’s your impression of the UMass Dartmouth campus?

UMass Dartmouth is a great campus for international students, especially. Having everything on campus is so convenient: sports, the arts, clubs, conference rooms, coffeehouse, and the campus bookstore. And “everyone is welcome everywhere.” Plus the campus shuttle service is an excellent way for students to get around to off-campus locations and get to know the area.

What are your plans after graduation?

I find that a number of international students want to get an American MBA because it is the best platform for advancing in business. Then they’ll return home to put theory into practice in a family business.


But my plan is to combine my previous experience as an HR generalist—working in training, recruiting, job counseling—with my Indian and American MBAs to find a position in corporate HR for a US firm. I’d like to make America my home.