Jennifer Sherman

Jennifer Sherman

Major: Dual degree program JD/MBA

Hometown: Framingham, MA

"I was able to give graduate students a louder voice on campus."
How does your dual major fit into your life's plan?
I'd like to become a corporate lawyer. It's beneficial for me to get my MBA along with my JD because the MBA allows me to utilize my legal knowledge through a business perspective.

Tell us about serving as a committee member and how it's changed you.
I helped draft the Graduate Student Senate constitution as a committee member. I was able to give graduate students a louder voice on campus. I enjoyed advocating for the graduate community because I felt I was positively contributing to the UMass student community.

Tell us about your internship experience.
This summer I worked at the Rhode Island Attorney General's office. I developed my legal research and writing skills. Another wonderful part of the internship experience was working side by side with seasoned attorneys eager to teach and help guide each and every intern.