Tyler B. Donahue

Tyler Donahue

Major: Marketing

Minor: International Business

Hometown: Brockton, MA

"Whether you are a business major or just like the outdoors, there's a club for that!"
Tell us about something you're involved with here and how it's changed you.
I am currently vice president of a club on campus called Students In Free Enterprise (SIFE). SIFE has given me the opportunities to give back to communities and to the world, and it has has helped me strengthen my business and leadership skills.

Tell us about living in Cedar Dell.

My favorite spot on campus would have to be Cedar Dell. I lived there last year and retained my Dell placement for my senior year.

Living with five other students is similar to living in a whole house. You have a living room, dining room, kitchen and your own room. Also, you're surrounded by hundreds of other students and tons of land to play outdoor games/sports.

The Dell is the ideal way of living—that's why I'll be back another year!

Who's your favorite professor and why?

Although there are many outstanding professors at UMass Dartmouth, the one professor who's changed my life the most is marketing professor and SIFE advisor Godwin Ariguzo.

Between the classroom and SIFE, Godwin truly cares about his students' education and strives to make sure each and every student succeeds. He challenges his students with real-life situations that not only teach you, but prepare you for the future.

Although he is my professor and advisor, I will never forget the experiences and knowledge he has given me—I'm proud to call Godwin Ariguzo my lifelong friend.

What advice do you have for incoming students?
The most important thing for incoming students is to get involved. There are hundreds of clubs and organizations on campus that fit everyone's personality, interests, needs and wants. Getting involved helps you meet new people and learn lifelong experiences that you'll never forget. Whether you are a business major or just like the outdoors, there's a club for that!