Alyssa Nastri

Alyssa Nastri

Major: Psychology & English 

Hometown: Marstons Mills, MA

"The power of a dedicated group of students is limitless."
You're not only an Honors student, but also a member of the Honors Council. Tell us about that.

My experiences with the Honors Council have convinced me that the power of a dedicated group of students is limitless. I can't wait to see what the future brings for this valuable program.


I'm the Communications Chair for the Honors Program. This position has taught me so much about marketing skills and the university as a whole. I've learned how to produce a newsletter, recruit new students, and combine numerous ideas into a final product.

As an Endeavor Scholar, you've had the chance to intern with AHA! Night. What's that experience been like?

My Endeavor community service project is with AHA! Night, a cultural night held monthly in Downtown New Bedford. I mainly assist with research, planning and outreach for the program. I've met some remarkable people, learned indispensable skills, and discovered amazing things about the city of New Bedford through this internship— I could not ask for more!


I'm working on the Earth Eve portion of the March event, which includes a parade and the Shrink Your Footprint Festival. The latter is a fair held in the New Bedford Whaling Museum, during which eco-friendly businesses and organizations table and provide information about reducing your carbon impact.


Also, I'm currently researching Pop-Up gallery initiatives that have been successful in receiving grants. We're hoping to transform New Bedford's vacant storefronts into galleries for local artists.

What are some of the memorable opportunities you've had here at UMass Dartmouth?

UMass Dartmouth has provided me with many opportunities to participate in tutoring and mentoring, two activities that connect directly to my passion of helping others to achieve their goals.


I'm a tutor at the Writing and Reading Center and a mentor in the Big Brothers Big Sisters program. The most rewarding experience in my life has been participating in BBBS, which brings local youths to the Leduc Center once a week to meet with their college mentors.

How have your learning experiences benefited your career goals?

My best learning experience has been discovering the importance of communication. I've had the opportunity to meet so many interesting people who have assisted me. I've found that making connections can open up endless opportunities, and I will forever continue to develop my communication skills to see where they can take me.


I believe that these experiences will help me with both of my majors. Simply learning to talk and work with other people is a real-world use of psychology. Since I hope to go into counseling, the more people I meet, the better! My English skills are continually sharpened by the emails and press releases I'm responsible for.