Alexandra Robitaille

Alexandra Robitaille

Major: History

Hometown: Tiverton, RI

"Since transferring to UMass Dartmouth, I've met so many people and I’ve made some of my best friends."
Why did you choose to transfer to UMass Dartmouth?

I transferred to UMass Dartmouth after two years at community college because I knew the UMD history program had a good reputation. The courses they offer range from Chinese Civilization to the Lizzie Borden trial. There is such a wide variety of courses that anyone can find classes that they’ll enjoy. 

Tell us about something you’re involved with here.

Since transferring to UMass Dartmouth, I’ve been involved with the Student Affairs office for Orientation and Judicial Affairs. I really enjoy working Orientation because I meet so many people and I’ve made some of my best friends through the office. Working at the school really helps me to put myself out there; it makes it easy to meet people—even as a commuter. 

What have you learned at your on-campus job that’s made a difference to you?

Working on campus has given me the confidence to handle and communicate in real-world work situations in a professional fashion. I feel very comfortable working in an office setting now, whereas before I was very timid. I’ve gained important work experience from working in Student Affairs. 

What advice do you have for incoming students?

Work hard, study, and get involved in some way—whether it’s in the form of a club, sport, or job. I’d also tell incoming students to check their emails often and read them. It’s the best way to know what’s happening on campus, especially if you commute!