Benjamin Wallace


Major: Marketing

Hometown: Eastham, MA

"Getting involved on campus provides a strong supplement to your academic studies — this is something no student should miss."
Tell us about something you're involved with here and how it's changed you.

As the treasurer of the Residence Halls Congress, I've developed strong financial skills. I'm also the resident representative of the Student Senate and chairperson of the Pride Committee. This has been particularly rewarding as we've organized many community outreach projects such as a Thanksgiving Basket competition, where baskets are donated to families in need.


I most enjoy coordinating the Emerging Leaders Symposium, where we work with freshmen over winter break and teach them leadership skills such as diversity, programming, and collaboration. It's rewarding to see these students go on to lead many groups on campus.

What makes UMass Dartmouth special?
Many people are skeptical about the brutalist architecture at UMass Dartmouth, but I think it gives this school great character. It leaves a lasting impression, and when observed closely, one becomes absorbed in its intricate detail. I think it's quite beautiful and thought provoking.

Tell us about a great opportunity you've had here at UMass Dartmouth.
I've had the opportunity to work at the Student Activities, Involvement, and Leadership office this year as a Student Organization Support Liaison. Working closely as a liaison between SAIL and twenty-five student groups on campus, I've been able to gain insight into what other students are involved with on campus. I've also developed professional skills that will give me an advantage in the job market after graduation.

What's your plan for after graduation?
My plans after graduation are still up in the air. While I would love a career in marketing or sales, I have developed a strong interest in higher education. I hope to go on to grad school to get a doctorate in Higher Education Administration, as I would find a career in student affairs or activities at a large University to be very rewarding.

What's one thing at UMass Dartmouth that no student should miss?
No student should come to UMass Dartmouth and not take advantage of its many clubs and organizations. Getting involved on campus provides a strong supplement to your academic studies and many students that are involved have a lot more pride in the University — this is something no student should miss!