Gabriel Valdir Lima De Souza

Gabriel Valdir Lima De Souza

Major: Political Science

Minor: English

Hometown: Hyannis, MA

"Every student should take the opportunity to do an internship."
How does your major and minor fit into your life's plan?

I'd like to work in a field where I can help people, so I intend to focus on a career in human rights—such as working with organizations that stop human trafficking. I believe that political science and English would provide important skills that I'll need to succeed in fields with a concentration on human rights.

Tell us about your current internship.

I'm doing an internship at Fall River City Hall. I've gotten to meet a lot of great people—and I'm getting class credit for it, so that just makes it even better.


Every student should take the opportunity to do an internship. It will expand your network and give you a taste of what you might encounter once you leave college and enter the workforce.

What else are you involved with and how has it changed you?

I'm involved in the Christian Fellowship club. That's been a ride! I've met some of my closest friends in that club. Every week we gather, play music, talk about Jesus, and chill. It's always fun. I'm glad I've found a great community I can grow with in my life.

What advice do you have for incoming students?

Try hard your first semester; it will help more than you know in your college career. And don't be afraid to talk to your professors. Make sure they know your name, even if it's awkward that you're the only one willing to answer questions in class.