Chapter Summaries - Chapter Three: Forging Identities

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This chapter describes a period of formative growth and expansion, often overshadowed by internal conflict and protest over the actions of the school's first president, Joseph Driscoll. Growth was a feature of this period, from 1965 to 1972, as the major academic and administrative structures of the university were put into place: a rapid expansion of the faculty from 90 to nearly 300, the growth of the student body from about 1,400 to almost 5,000, and the creation of the five-college structure (Arts and Sciences, Business, Engineering, Fine and Applied Arts, and Nursing). The conflict, which divided the faculty and radicalized many students led ultimately to the dismissal of President Driscoll in 1971. One result of the conflict was the creation of a faculty union, the first of its kind in a four-year institution.

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