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About Admissions at UMass Dartmouth

Information about the admissions process and special admissions circumstances.

The admissions process

Rolling admissions

UMass Dartmouth practices rolling admissions, which means that we make our admissions decisions as soon as possible once we receive and review your completed application and supporting materials.

Note: Some programs (such as nursing, biology, and psychology) are competitive, so applications are encouraged by February 1.

Application for mid-year admission (the semester beginning in January) should be made by January 1.

Admissions criteria

Our admissions process considers each applicant as an individual. UMass Dartmouth is interested in attracting students whose achievements, aptitude, interests, character, and motivation indicate promise of success in the academic subjects they plan to study. We believe an applicant's performance in previous schooling is the best predictor of success at the university.

In addition to the academic records, we consider the SAT (or ACT) results. We also consider your personal statements, and we place value on experiences that have allowed you to develop qualities of leadership and community service. We also like to know about your work experiences and other significant interests.

Students are accepted into specific majors and programs of study by using both general standards to evaluate an applicant's ability to do university work and specific standards for potential in major departments or programs.

We use admissions standards established by the Massachusetts Department of Higher Education. These standards take into account your program of study, the level of course work you've taken, and your standardized test results. Strong emphasis is placed on the college prep courses you take, the level of those courses, and the grades you receive.

Test results

We recommend that you have the official results of your SAT I (math and critical reasoning) or ACT sent to us by the Educational Testing Services. Our College Board code is 3786. Our ACT code is 001906.

We can accept scores from your school as long as they are recorded on an official transcript. It is important to have your scores sent as early as possible in your senior year to ensure a complete evaluation of your application.

Applicants who have been out of high school for more than three years, or who have earned at least 30 transferable college credits, are exempted from the SAT requirement. You may also claim an exemption from the SAT/ACT requirement if you have a learning disability.

Although we do not require the College Board SAT II results, applicants who have attended high school within the last three years may submit them. These tests, especially in the sciences, can be a very valuable source of information. We suggest that you seek advice from your guidance counselor about these tests.

If you have taken Advanced Placement (AP) courses, you should ask for your examination results to be sent to UMass Dartmouth.

International applicants, specifically those whose first language is not English, are required to submit the official results of the Test of English as a Foreign Language (TOEFL), unless the student has attended a school for at least one year in which the language of instruction is English. Official results are required from the Educational Testing Service; scores of 520 and higher are expected. For the computer-based TOEFL, the minimum score is 190; and for the Internet-based score, 68.

More information: International Student & Scholar Center

If you completed high school through the GED program, you must submit a copy of the GED certificate from the state, along with a copy of your GED test record.

Freshman or transfer

Applicants who will have secondary school or equivalency diplomas, and who have never attended degree-granting post-secondary educational institutions, are considered for freshman admission.

Applicants who have attended degree-granting post-secondary educational institutions (including UMass Dartmouth as a special student or through the Division of Professional and Continuing Education) are considered for transfer admission. See Transfer applicants for more information.

Admissions decisions

Admission decisions are generally made within a few weeks after applications are received, and a letter will be sent with our decision as soon as the Admissions Committee completes its review of your credentials. We will notify you in writing if your file lacks any information. Admission decisions cannot be made until all required information is on file.

Application fee waivers

If the application fee presents a financial hardship, you may:

  • make a written fee waiver request, supported by a letter from a social worker, financial aid officer, or member of the clergy
  • use the College Board application fee waiver form which must be signed by a high school counselor

Please use the printed application if you are requesting a fee waiver; we cannot accept a fee waiver for the UMass Dartmouth online application.

Special circumstances

Dual enrollment applicants

Students taking college courses through dual enrollment should apply as freshman applicants. On the application, please indicate the courses you have completed or that are in progress.

Early admission

Frequently, superior secondary school students exhaust the courses offered in their high schools by the end of the junior year. They may seek admission to UMass Dartmouth without a secondary school diploma. Such candidates may be admitted on the basis of superior high school records and test scores. The application must also be supported with a written agreement that the high school approves the plan, and that a diploma will be granted upon satisfactory completion of one or two semesters of college work. Signatures of the school principal or headmaster, guidance counselor, and parents are required.

Deferred admission

Students who have been accepted but find that they are unable to enroll in the semester originally intended may defer their admission for one or two semesters. The non-refundable $200 enrollment deposit must be paid, and a letter requesting deferment must be addressed to the Office of Admissions.

Accepted/did not enroll

We keep applications on file for a year.

If you have applied to UMass Dartmouth within the last year—but did not attend—please use our Reactivation Form. If it has been more than a year, please re-apply using one of our standard application options.


We encourage applications from students who have been denied admission but who have improved their academic records at other institutions. We keep applications on file for one year.

If you have applied to UMass Dartmouth within the last year—but did not attend—please use our Reactivation Form. If it has been more than a year, please re-apply using one of our standard application options.




Students previously admitted to UMass Dartmouth/Southeastern Massachusetts University (day division) as degree candidates, and who registered for one or more semesters, may request re-admission by contacting the Registrar's Office (508.999.8615).





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