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Financing your education

students seek assistance with helpful adult

We know you're concerned about the cost of your education. We have the people and the programs to help you manage those costs.

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Tuition and fees, room and board costs

Some additional costs beyond tuition and fees:

Students should plan on spending between $800 and $1,000 on books each year, with additional costs for other supplies, computer software, etc. Students in some majors also incur additional costs, such as lab fees.

Massachusetts requires all students not covered by a personal or family plan to have health insurance. The cost of the current UMass Dartmouth plan is listed on the cost tables.

Information about the classification of students at the University of Massachusetts as Massachusetts or non-Massachusetts residents for tuition and fee purposes is available online.

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Regional Student Program

The Regional Student Program enables New England students to earn a degree at UMass Dartmouth at a reduced tuition if your academic area is not offered by your home-state public colleges and universities. You are eligible to participate if you are interested in these majors:

  • Connecticut: Artisanry, Bioengineering, Computer Engineering, Marine Biology, Sculpture/3D, Visual Design
  • Maine: Artisanry, Portuguese, Sculpture/3D, Visual Design
  • New Hampshire: Artisanry, Portuguese, Sculpture/3D, Visual Design
  • Rhode Island: Artisanry, Sculpture/3D, Visual Design
  • Vermont: Artisanry, Bioengineering, Computer Engineering, Marine Biology, Portuguese, Sculpture/3D, and Visual Design

For more information, contact the Admissions Office: admissions@umassd.edu or 508.999.8605.

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Proximity Student Program

There is a Proximity Student Program for students whose permanent home address is in Rhode Island's Newport and Bristol counties. This program provides reduced tuition for any major in the university.

For more information, contact the Admissions Office: admissions@umassd.edu or 508.999.8605.

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Forms of assistance

Financial assistance for your college bills is available. Every year, close to three-quarters of UMass Dartmouth students receive aid, and our Office of Financial Aid will help you find it.

Students seeking aid in the coming academic year must complete the FAFSA (Free Application for Federal Student Aid), so the university can determine eligibility and an appropriate amount of assistance. See applying for aid on the Financial Aid site.

UMass Dartmouth's FAFSA code is 002210.

Assistance comes in a variety of forms and from a variety of sources. Many awards require an applicant to demonstrate financial need, but there are others based solely on merit. The following links indicate the types of help available to you; check the entire site for more complete information.

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Billing information

Students are billed twice a year, in July and December, for the next semester's charges. Time payment plans are available to students and their families. Information is sent by the university’s Bursar’s Office after a student has been admitted to the university.

A student’s UMass Dartmouth identification number and name should be included on all checks.





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