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 How It Works

University Studies Curriculum

How It Works

Approved Courses

Rationale for University Studies

The Value of Liberal Education

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The basics

The University Studies program consists of a set of required courses, much like students’ academic majors. However, instead of being focused in one field, this curriculum takes students across different areas of knowledge and different ways of learning. The required courses are designed not only to expose students to broad areas of knowledge, but also to sharpen key analytical, critical thinking and communication skills.


All together, there are 14 separate requirements, although some courses can count for more than one requirement and not all requirements are regular 3-credit courses (also, some courses in students’ majors may meet University Studies requirements). The requirements are organized into Clusters, based on a purpose or theme. With just a few exceptions, students can choose from a set of approved courses to fulfill each requirement in the Clusters.


Statement on the uses of student work

The university community maintains a commitment to excellent educational experiences and high-quality programs for all students. Consistent with practices at other institutions and the expectations of our accrediting agency, the University Studies Program routinely engages in self-evaluation and assessment.

One factor considered in the self-evaluation, assessment, and improvement process is a review of student coursework, including exams, papers, written assignments, and presentations. If student coursework is selected for review in this process, names, grades and any other identifying information are removed prior to review. The documents selected are subject to review by a limited cohort of University personnel for the sole purpose of improving learning outcomes. The process has absolutely no effect on student grades or academic standing.