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About us

The Web Development team serves the university community by developing, maintaining, and promoting www.umassd.edu, UMass Dartmouth's communications hub.

We also maintain the overall security, quality and reliability of the university's web site, from standards of development to data security, usability, accuracy, and design. To provide our users with a consistent experience, sites within www.umassd.edu should reflect UMass Dartmouth's visual identification system and navigational structure.

To help the university community understand and make effective use of communications via the web, we have established policies for site maintenance, minimum site requirements, naming conventions, etc.

For web site developers and maintainers

Sites are maintained within the larger UMass Dartmouth site in two ways:

  • Maintenance by the Web Design and Development team
  • Maintenance by the client via content management system (our CMS is now T4)

 Details about site maintenance and related concerns are on the policies page.





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