Guide to web writing

People using the web:

  • tend to scan rather than read every word
  • spend only about 30 seconds on any one web page
  • read about 25% more slowly on the web than in print
  • find it irritating to scroll through masses of text

Keep your audience in mind as you write for the web. The following pages offer suggestions for organizing and presenting your web content.

Requirements for web pages

Each website at UMass Dartmouth reflects the university and its mission. Your website's content should be:

  • accurate
  • up-to-date
  • informative
  • interesting
  • well-organized
  • grammatically correct

Approving content

Moderators are responsible for the content of their websites. Before you approve a page for publication, please review for:

  • accuracy
  • organization
  • links that work appropriately
  • correct spelling, grammar, punctuation

Content should be web-friendly:

  • the most important information is featured first
  • content is broken into easy-to-scan "chunks"
  • headings and sub-headings guide the reader down the page
  • bulleted lists present important points

Site reviews

Although the Web Development team cannot review every content section before it’s published, web team members conduct regular site reviews to ensure overall site quality—functionality, design, and content.

If pages on your site require revision, we will contact you to work together to improve your content.

How the web team can help

For new sites at high-priority navigational levels, we will collaborate with you to design a site that effectively frames the messages you need to convey, whether to students, prospective students, parents, or the community.

For current sites, we can provide:

  • writing and editorial assistance
  • suggestions on how to improve your content to meet university and web standards


For questions about print style, please consult the Publications department.