Web writing guide: university identification

Use UMass Dartmouth in all situations, with the exception of formal situations where University of Massachusetts Dartmouth is appropriate.

Use University of Massachusetts Law School—Dartmouth (using a dash before Dartmouth) when referring to the law school in formal situations. After the first reference, use UMass Law.


  • There is no hyphen, comma, or “at” between University of Massachusetts and Dartmouth (or with the names of the other campuses).

  • Do not use UMASS or Umass. Use "UMD" sparingly. "UMass Dartmouth" or the more formal "University of Massachusetts Dartmouth" are the preferred forms.

It is usually unnecessary to repeat UMass Dartmouth once you have established that you are referring to a university event, course, professor, etc. The same guideline applies to the law school events, professors, etc.

Lower-case the “u” when using “the university” as a synonym for UMass Dartmouth. Similarly, use lowercase when referring to the “law school” as a synonym for UMass Law.

"UMass" or the "University of Massachusetts" are the proper terms when speaking of the overall system; these terms are not synonyms for the UMass Amherst campus.