Content is not displayed on the live site until it has been approved and published. Publication is an automated process, but content does need to be approved manually.

The content you’ve created or modified (or that site contributors have modifed) is considered “pending” until you approve it. Once you’ve previewed your modifications and are satisfied with them, it’s time to approve your sections, which will allow your site changes to be published.

As site moderator, it’s your responsibility to approve content for your site.

You’ll need to ensure that all content is accurate and well-presented. We recommend that you review all pages before marking them for publication (approving them). In preview mode, be sure your pages:

  • are accurate
  • are well-organized
  • have correct spelling and grammar
  • have working links

Note: You’ll be able to make last minute adjustments as part of the approval process.

1. Go to the CONTENT menu and select APPROVE CONTENT.


2. A list of documents to approve will appear. Select the item you wish to review for approval.


3. At the document details window, you have some options.


a. To preview the page as it will appear on the web site, select the “UMD Production Channel” from the list on right. Close the preview window and–if no further revisions are required–select APPROVE. 


b. If you need to make revisions, select the EDIT option to the left of the Published Channels list.


You will return to the Modify Content screen and will be able to make necessary revisions. Remember to PREVIEW and to select UPDATE to save your content! You will then need to return to approval mode to approve the content. (From the CONTENT menu, select APPROVE.)

c. There is also an option to REJECT the content and alert the contributor that he or she needs to make revisions before the content is approved. You will see this screen:


You can enter specific comments in the text block. However, we don’t foresee a regular need for the “reject” feature at UMass Dartmouth–you will probably be able to alert the contributor about required revisions more informally.