Changing templates

You may have created a page in the UMD general template and then realized the content might work better if there were a third column to the right. (The third column works well for displaying related links or links to time sensitive content, such as news items.) You’d like to use the 3-column template instead.

Example of  a 3-column template:


You can make the switch—it just takes a bit of time to accomplish. The most important step before getting started is to plan what content will remain in the main text area and what will go to into the right-column. Short text, links, and small images (width = 170 pixels) work best in the right column.

TIP: If you plan to use most of the content from the existing version of the page, preview the page and copy (^C) its contents as appropriate. You’ll be able to paste the contents into the main content area of the new template at step 3 below.

1. From the top CONTENT menu, select ADD CONTENT. (ADD is okay here, because you’re adding a new template to this section.)

2. Select the existing section to receive the new template. At the Choose Template screen, select your template (for example: 3-column template).

3. Enter the content as you wish it to appear on the page, for the header, main content, right column content (and possibly additional content blocks, as appropriate to the template).

4. When you PREVIEW, you may be a little surprised, because the content entered for the first (general) template still appears, complete with header. You’ll see two headers, and your right column content may seem to be floating. (That’s OK–we’ll adjust this in a minute.)

5. Close the preview. You’ll return to the text editor; make any revisions needed. Then select ADD.

6. At the next screen, you’ll see the list of content blocks for this page or section–you’ll have two. You can now delete the first one. (Use the floating menu to the right to select DELETE.)


7. When you return to preview, the content will display in the 3-column style.

Please contact if you have any questions about switching templates.