Faculty/staff bio pages

Follow these instructions to create attractive “biography” pages for faculty and staff.

1. At the top of the page, create a link that will return users to the list of faculty profiles that you are making, then enter once and place a hard rule (”horizontal ruler” in middle row in text editor).

2. Insert the image of the faculty or staff member, using the standard horizontal thumbnail dimensions:
130 px x 95 px.

(You can also use the standard vertical thumbnail dimensions: 95 px x 130 px. Try to be consistent with the direction, if at all possible: all horizontals or all verticals.)

3. Float the image left. (This is the default; if you need to, double-click on the image to open the Media Attributes dialog box to enter the float left.)

4. From the top of the right-hand edge of the image, space once and type the name of the faculty or staff member. Then highlight faculty or staff member’s name and select “Heading 3″ in the format menu.

5. Press ENTER once (for new paragraph) and type faculty or staff member’s title. Use single spacing (hold down SHIFT key and ENTER key) to enter the faculty/staff member’s contact information.

6. Place a hard rule below the faculty or staff member’s image: from the left-hand edge of the hard rule, backspace once.

7. Type Biography (or other heading as appropriate) and highlight for “heading 3.”

8. Enter remaining text as appropriate.

It should appear in your text editor as:


When you preview the page it should look like this:

Faculty/staff bio page