FAQ templates

T4 lets you to create FAQ (question and answer) pages that display a list of questions and allows the user to open an answer by clicking on a question.

An example: http://www.umassd.edu/publicsafety/about/faqs/

There are two FAQ templates available:

  • UMD FAQ – Regular
  • UMD FAQ – Extension

Both templates allow you enter a maximum of 10 questions per template block.

FAQ pages work best when the questions are divided into topics. You can stack a series of FAQ blocks on a page—for each new topic you’ll create a new template block. UMD FAQ – Regular offers 10 questions with a required group title.

If you have a series of questions for a single topic that extends beyond 10 questions, you can use UMD FAQ – Extension to extend the group. The UMD FAQ – Extension template does not have a group title  (because it’s only used to add additional questions to the previously named group).

For example, if you have a group of 15 questions, you would use the Extension template immediately following the UMD FAQ – Regular template.


  1. Request access to "UMD FAQ – Regular." A Web Development staff member will do steps 2-4 for you (you can begin at step 5) or you can opt to begin from step 2.
  2. Start off the FAQ section/page with a UMD General Text area. You will give the page its title in the General Text Area block. You can also add some introductory text and contact information for additional information. Select ADD to save.
  3. You will return to the CONTENT tab. Select + ADD CONTENT (on the right), then select UMD FAQ – REGULAR from the template list.
  4. This is your first group of questions. Complete the content areas appropriately. You do not have to fill in all 10 question/answers fields. Select PREVIEW, and then ADD when you are done, to save this block.
  5. You can now add your second group of questions following steps 3 & 4 again—or, if you need to add more questions to the same group, add a UMD FAQ – EXTENSION template next and fill in the content areas as needed.

Tip: Be sure to name each FAQ content block accurately (its “T4 name”). This will be helpful when you need to make subsequent revisions.

FAQ templates 

Please contact webdevelopment@umassd.edu if you have any questions about how to use the FAQ templates.