Link section

Occasionally, in your site's main menu, you may need to display a link to a different site within or to an external URL. Link sections let you do this. For example, the Registrar’s site uses a link section to link to COIN.

Internal link sections link your site to other sites within (sites internal to T4/UMass Dartmouth).
You must already have moderator access to the "linked to" site. Otherwise, please contact for assistance.

External link sections
link your site to sites outside (URLs external to T4/UMass Dartmouth) and are rarely needed. 
WARNING: Do not use external link sections for internal T4/UMass Dartmouth links—this could result in broken links if the web address should subsequently change.

Add a link section

To add an internal or external link section, follow the steps below. 

1. Navigate to the place on the SITE STRUCTURE where you want to add a link section (the parent).

2. downarrow.jpg Use the site structure floating menu (found by mousing over the yellow arrow to the right of your site structure). Select ADD SECTION.

3. The ADD SECTION screen opens. Be sure you’re on the GENERAL tab.


4. Name the section. This will be part of the site menu. Be sure to check the Make This A Link Section box.

5. Select the DETAILS tab then select the appropriate Link Type:


6. While still on the DETAILS tab, specify either the Link Section or the Link URL:

  • For an internal link section, go to Link Section and choose the Select link, which will open up the site structure in a separate window. Select the correct part of the UMass Dartmouth site for the link.
  • For an external link section, go to Link URL and enter the URL.

7. Select ADD to save your link section.