Floating menu for moderators

Yellow drop arrow on site structure To see the floating menu: at CONTENT, select SITE STRUCTURE. Move your mouse over the down arrow in the middle of your site structure. The menu will appear.


The menu’s features are organized into SECTION and CONTENT.

floating menu for moderators in t4 v7 training

The floating menu's SECTION features let you control this section (or page) of your web site, including its name on the menu (which is also part of the URL) and whether the section appears on the menu:

  • ADD SECTION: add a new section to your menu
  • MODIFY SECTION: to edit information about your section, by selecting the approprate tab:
    • GENERAL tab: to change the section name on the menu, or to suppress the section from the navigation (menu)
    • CONTENT tab: to revise exisiting content (the same as MODIFY CONTENT below)
    • SUB-SECTION tab: to re-order sections
  • DELETE SECTION: mark a section for deletion by moving it to the recycle bin
  • MOVE SECTION: move the specified section to another part of the site menu
  • DUPLICATE BRANCH: duplicate the structure of a section and all of its child pages; contact webdevelopment@umassd.edu if you're considering this feature
  • PREVIEW SECTION: see how your page will look when it's published

The floating menu's CONTENT features let you control the content within your section:

  • ADD CONTENT: add new content to a new section or add a new block of content
  • MODIFY CONTENT: update and revise your existing content
  • DELETE CONTENT: select content to be moved to the recycle bin

T4 uses the terms ADD and MODIFY in different ways

ADD SECTION: adds a new, empty section to your site structure (be sure to mouse over the sections parent when you add)
ADD CONTENT: lets you place content into the new section; unless you have more complex pages with more than one text block, this is the only time to use ADD CONTENT

MODIFY SECTION: lets you make changes to the various tabs that define your section: not only Content but also the General tab (menu name, show on navigation) and the Sub-Section tab (re-order sub-sections of your menu)
MODIFY CONTENT: most of the time, you will use MODIFY CONTENT to edit existing content