There are two ways to move sections in T4.

Sub-sections are listed beneath a section in the order they were created. If you need to re-order that list, see re-ordering your sections.

In addition, a section can be moved from one part of the site to another. The directions for moving a section are below.

When you move sections, the navigation and the site map will alter, but all links will be maintained.

However, the URL of the moved section’s past location may still be available to search engines until they make their next passes through our site. Thus, “move” should only be used freely when you’re building your unpublished site. Once your site is published, move existing sections with care. Contact the web team if you’ve moved sections that are critical to the university’s mission, so we can help with clean-up. (Please make note of earlier URLs.)

1. To move a section to a new location, go to the CONTENT menu and select SITE STRUCTURE.

2. Expand the site structure until you see the section to be moved.

3. Hover the mouse over the down-arrow associated with the section entry that you wish to move.

4. From the floating menu, select MOVE SECTION.


A new view of the site structure will appear, with all sections capable of becoming a parent of the section being moved. They will appear as underlined links.

5. Click the intended parent link to move the section to the new position.

Note: T4 displays an escape message if you need to cancel the move while you’re in the middle of it: