Add a new section

A moderator is able to add a new section to a site by selecting ADD SECTION from the floating menu at the site structure. Contributors are not able to add new sections to a site.

Remember: T4 uses the term ADD in two different ways:

  • ADD SECTION: adds a new, empty section to your site structure
  • ADD CONTENT: lets you place content into the new section

To add a new (empty) section to your site

1. From the welcome page, select CONTENT, then select SITE STRUCTURE.

2. Navigate to the section of your site where you want to add the new section. (Use + to view the entire site structure.) Be sure to select the correct "parent" for the section.

 downarrow.jpg 3. Select ADD SECTION from the floating menu, available when you mouse over the yellow arrow. The Add Section, Enter Details screen opens. Be sure you’re on the General tab.


3. Enter the name for this section. This is the "public" name that will appear on the site menu and as part of the URL. Please follow web naming conventions:

  • no special characters (colons, apostrophes, slashes, etc.)
  • all "caps" are not acceptable
  • do not make the name too long (as it becomes part of the URL)

If you have questions about the section name or URL, contact

The other fields may generally be left as is—but please note:

  • You may wish to uncheck the "show in navigation" field for some pages (sections) that should not display on the menu. For example, if you are adding individual pages for faculty members that will be linked from a main faculty page, these individual faculty pages don’t need to appear on the main menu.
  • If you are trying to add a link section (a link on your menu that goes to another site) and have questions, contact

4. Select ADD to save this section to your site menu.

Next steps

You may enter content to the new section by selecting ADD CONTENT from the floating menu. Unless you have complex pages with more than one text block per section, this is the only time to use ADD CONTENT.

Subsequently, you will use MODIFY CONTENT to update or revise this section.

T4 places the new section at the bottom of its menu level. You may re-order the sections.