Change status of a section

You can change the status of a section. For example, you can change a section's status from pending to approved.

Here's how to change the status of a section:

  1. From the CONTENT menu, select SITE STRUCTURE.
  2. Locate the section you want to change. Using the floating menu, select MODIFY SECTION.
  3. At the Modify screen’s GENERAL tab, there is drop-down option to change the section’s status:

 change status of a section

The default status is approved. This doesn't mean that your content is automatically approved—only that is is ready to be approved.

The pending status is typically used when you are working on a new section that you don't want to have published while it is in development. If you are working on a section with a pending status, you must manually set its status back to approved here before the content can be published. Changing the status to approved here doesn't automatically publish it, however—you must still go through the approval process.

If you delete a section accidentally, the status is changed to inactive. You have only until the next emptying of the recycle bin (daily, at the close of the business day) to change the status back to approved or pending. After the recycle bin is emptied, your deleted section will be gone.