Create a table in T4 by selecting the table option: tableoption.jpg 

Plan your table before you create it. Then, when the Insert/Modify screen opens, select the appropriate number or columns and rows:


Typically, you’ll also want to specify table caption, make first row a header, and/or make first colum a header as you create your table. (You can also set the headers later, but it’s a bit more time consuming. See below.)

Table tips

  • At this time, all tables are center-aligned on the published page.
  • Note that if you revise the table alignment to be left-aligned and your page has text running under the table, text wrapping issues may result.
  • If you plan to run more text under the table, add a few lines spaces (and even some place-holder text) before you create the table.  Be sure to place your table above the place-holder text.

Adding a caption later

Select the table. Right-click, and choose TABLE PROPERTIES from the list of options. Select TABLE CAPTION, then UPDATE. Return to your table and add the caption.

Revising your rows/columns to be headers

Right-click a cell in the row or column you wish to make a header, and select CELL from the list of options. Then select TABLE CELL PROPERTIES:


For row header: At cell type, select HEADER, and–if appropriate–at the drop-down option at lower left (”update current cell”), select UPDATE ALL CELLS IN ROW. Select UPDATE to save your changes.

For column header: Follow the same process as that for a row header. However, there is no drop-down option to specify the entire column; you’ll need to change the column to a header row by row.

No border

Need a table with no borders? Go to the Class section on table formatting and click on “value” from the class dropdown menu. Then type in the word (without spaces) noborder.

Other options for tables

You can experiment with other options for tables by right-clicking on a cell and then trying various menu options.