Add content to a new section

A site moderator is able to add a new section to a site. Then, a contributor can enter new content.

1. Mouse over the new section in your site structure. (If necessary, use the + button at the site name to expand the site to show all available sections.)

2. At the ADD CONTENT screen, you must select the template for this section's content.

Add content screen


Typically, you will use the UMD General text area. Learn more about templates

3. The ADD CONTENT, ENTER CONTENT DETAILS screen opens, and you can begin to enter your content.

The name is how you’ll identify a piece of content when you’re ready to approve it—it’s not something seen by the public. It should reflect not only the page name but also the site name. For example: Career Resource Center – Mission statement.

The title is what you want as the page or section heading: the H1 tag. For example: Mission and vision

Note on upper and lower case: To be consistent with the university’s style guide, please use uppercase only for the first word of the title (and, of course, any proper nouns thereafter). All "caps" is not acceptable for the web.

Do: Resources

Don’t: Introduction To The Mission Statement
Do: Introduction: Mission statement

Add content details screen

4. Then you can add your content. Use the text editor to format your content.

5. When you are finished, select PREVIEW. Using the preview function lets you see what your page will look like when it is published. The preview usually opens in a new tab. Close the preview screen.

6. Be sure to select ADD to save your content.