Frequent tasks for contributors

Modify content

If you want to:

  • Edit existing content
  • Add more content to existing content
  • Delete some content from existing content

...then select the section from the Site Structure, and then select MODIFY CONTENT from the floating menu.


  • The Site Structure remains visible on the left side of the Modify Content Select Content screen.
  • The UPDATE, PREVIEW, and CANCEL buttons appear on the upper right corner, in addition to the bottom right corner, of the Modify Content Update Details screen.
  • Selecting UPDATE is the typical way for T4 users to save content.
  • If you need to save content without sending it to the approval queue (for example, you're working on the content in phases), you may use the SAVE AS DRAFT option that appears when you click the UPDATE button, as shown below.

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Save As Draft option for update.

Access your most recent content modifications

To access the most recent content modifications you made:

  1. Go to the LAST MODIFIED widget on the right side of the Site Structure screen.
  2. Click on the name of the section you want to view and/or modify.

Add initial content to a new (empty) section

When a Moderator creates a new section (new page) for your site, the newly created section is initially empty, or blank.

To add content to the empty section: 

  1. Go to the Site Structure and select the desired section. 
  2. Mouse over the yellow floating menu arrow and select ADD CONTENT.

Note: If you are adding content to a section that already has some content on it (not an empty section), then you are actually modifying existing content and should select MODIFY CONTENT.

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Access the Media Library

The T4 version 7 update now allows you to access the Media Library from the Content Menu, rather than having to go the separate Tools menu.