Insert an image

All images, PDFs, and Word documents are stored in a separate part of T4 called the Media Library.

The Media Library allows images to be shared by multiple users. If an image is replaced (or removed) at any point, all instances of this image are automatically updated (or removed) across the site.

Learn more about the Media Library/naming images and image standards.

To insert an image, follow these directions:

1. From the CONTENT menu, select Site Structure. At the site structure, mouse over the section where you’d like to add an image. Select MODIFY CONTENT from the floating menu. Select Modify again at the Modify Content screen. The Modify content details screen appears (with the text editor).

2. Position your cursor at the place where you wish the image to appear.

t4insert.jpg  3. Click on the image icon in the toolbar.

4. On the left, locate the appropriate section of the media library. (Open sections at the + symbol.) Mouse over the image you wish to insert from the Media Library, then choose SELECT.


5. The image will appear on your page. You can control how the image is displayed using the media attributes. Double-click on the image for the media attributes screen. 


Images by default are positioned to the left.

  • If you wish to have your image positioned on the right (recommended), enter right at Float.
  • If you wish to keep your image on left but have the text wrap, enter left at Float.

Avoid using attributes such as width and height. Images should be sized before you add them to the Media Library. Image standards

Border, padding, and margin are all pre-set in the T4 template; you typically do not need to adjust them. If you do not want a padded border around your image, you may enter noborder at Class.

Once you’ve set the attribute, click UPDATE to save changes.

Note: Do not "drag" with your mouse to position an image. This may cause your image to be duplicated on the page. If you've positioned your image in the wrong place, delete it and place it again.

6. PREVIEW your image to determine if any further changes are required. 

7. UPDATE to save the image to your page.